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7 Must-Follow LinkedIn Profiles for Public Relations Insights

This was originally published April 23, 2020.

We asked our PR and growth experts to recommend Must-Follow LinkedIn Profiles for Public Relations Insights. Who to follow and why — what can startups learn from the expert? We introduce you to the current top picks & recommend to connect with them by referring to this post:

1 Alexander Jutkowitz

[NYC] based Innovation Strategist Alexander Jutkowitz regularly posts on what today’s communicators need to keep in mind for staying on the pulse and leveraging data to build your PR strategy. Amid COVID-19, Alex has been posting regular content around how the coronavirus conversation is shifting, the keys to telling a compelling story that’s worth your audience’s time and how to thrive in an age of mass disruption.

2 Cheryl Snapp Conner.

An absolute rockstar [from Utah] who constantly shares actionable advice, and, if you read the rest of her (non-how-to type) posts, you can see her work in action, dissect it, and tailor it to your own company/clients. In addition to her content on LinkedIn, she also has a column in Entrepreneur, which is packed with useful info as well.

3 Christina Lenkowski

Christina teaches tourism organizations (destinations, hotels — basically everyone in free-fall right now) how to do their own PR and media outreach. With our current situation that has got to change — more and more places will realize they can’t afford a big agency and need to learn how to do some PR themselves.

Christina [based in Idaho] is convinced the time for destinations to be doing media outreach has never been greater — the floodgates WILL re-open, and they need to be top-of-mind when they do. Learn moreabout her approach

4 Jessica Armstrong

Another expert from the travel industry is Jessica Armstrong. The young PR manager is living in Sevilla [Spain], where she strives to connect travelers with the best travel solutions and platforms.

While we are in a critical time right now, as a PR Manager while being very conscious of this pandemic, she has seen it as a time to inspire people and reconnect them with the memories of travel that have brought them so much joy.

5 Nicole Gottselig

Content Strategist Nicole Gottselig [Canadian living in Berlin] is an absolute expert in location marketing. Anyone with a business that requires a physical location, such as retailers, restaurant owners & beauty salon operators can learn from her how to be found by their audience.

For the time after the lockdown, many places have strict protective measures in place for local businesses to follow when re-opening — you will find out how to get back to business safely and successfully from Nicole.

6 Tonya McKenzie

Founder of the PR agency Sand & Shores [Redondo Beach, CA], Tonya McKenzie is a not only a valuable Public Relations advocate, but a true community activist. Tonya serves as the Vice President of the Black Public Relations Society, Los Angeles (BPRSLA), among others. For 20+ years, she has been working with small businesses, personalities, non-profits and entrepreneurs with the philosophy that increasing positive exposure requires a large amount of activity, not a large budget.

7 Melanie Marten

Owner of the Berlin [Germany] & Athens [Greece] based PR agency The Coup and founder of, on her LinkedIn, Melanie Marten provides insights into her expertise in the real estate industry, as well as advocates startups & founders in the creative industry. Connect with her if you are a prop tech startup or an entrepreneur that aims to reach out internationally.

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Tonya McKenzie
Founder of Sand & Shores
Communications & Leadership Consultant
Author of A Child’s Memories of Cartoons & Murder
Twitter & Instagram: @TonyaMcKenziePR

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